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Hello?? "crickets"

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We all need to find a little time to meet up and hang. Especially since Jeff has his running again, for now lol. J/K Jeff

Seriously need to get together. Lmk ideas, times, or days.

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Oh, is this thing still going on?!
I'm out this weekend, off to Pawley Island, SC for my cousins wedding, ya thats right driving fifteen hours to see a wedding, gotta do it for my mom. Dad can not drive that far anymore since his back surgery.....
Oh well free weekend in a beach house for free with the wife and kids, did I mention free!?
Did I mention beach house, like I mean step off the back steps right to the beach! FREE and BEACH..........oh wait I did mention something about that!
Already torn down means I would need to come that way to do it, with my schedule of work and school, I don't know how I would fit ya in........
Jeff, I can align your truck out here at the school.............We have both a Hunter and a Rotunda alignment rack.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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