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Well, about 3 weeks ago I noticed that both my doors on my Blazer were sagging.... I found this off because I just got done with the body work a little bit ago and when I threw on the new doors I threw on new door bushings and pins... I started to think that I had problems with my hinges...

Well, this turned out not to be the case.... I was doing some work on Saturday to the truck and I was underneath and looked up and my front driver's side cab mount was gone! the center just was punched right throughl....I knew there was some miled rust on there but never imagined it was that bad.... I immediately looked at the other side and found the same problem... At a loss because I knew that I would have to have new ones welded in or have new floor pans all together....Sigh...

Well, I started looking at it and the box portion was still in good shape and I called Grappler...

Sunday at Grappler's house: We run around to both Home depot and lowes... We buy a length of 2"x1/4" thick steel... (Grappler on a whim decides to buy a Dewalt 14" 15 amp Chop Saw) and head back to his place...

Well, using the new chop saw we cut 4 pieces of 2"x4" pieces... Grappler welds 2 pairs together creating 2 4x4 pieces... We get them cooled down after welding and move on to the drill press:

Using drill bits on hand and oil (for cooling) we proceed to drill holes dead center or the plates. Unfortunatly the bit overheated and went dead despite the cooling oil and running at low speeds. Out to home depot again. This time get a titanium bit We get through 1 and a half holes. before the bit dies...(So much for titanium high heat bits) We find an older bit and and finish up the holes...(This drilling portion has now taken two hours because we had to go back out)

So next Grappler takes the floater nuts from inside the cab mounts (they've now fallen out) and welds them on top of the plates that we created. (We ground any rust off and cleaned them up)

After cooling the edges of the box were cleaned up and the plates w/welded nut were put in place (The body mount bolts were inserted to hold them in place) and the body was lowered on to them.

Grappler took his time welding these into place on top of the existing boxes (AKA cab mount) After he was satisfied the weld job was good, all the mounts went back on...

So at this point both doors were now once again perfectly aligned and the 1/4" gap between the fenders and the doors is consitant and life is good once again... I'd like to thank Grappler for the welding he did... Just in case I hit some major potholed roads here in Pittsburgh (Not hard to find) and bounced pretty good on my way home. I got under neath when I got home and all was still good.

My point to this oration is if you have a sagging door, while it is good to replace the pins and bushings, get underneath and check the cab mounts. Your boxes may be damaged causing flex in the body... (Fortunatly there isn't any other rust on my truck, it just sucked to have this happen)....The front ones under your feet are typically the ones that go... Mebbe me and Grappler should start fabbing these plates for people as a preventative measure as well as for people with body lifts to give them a more spread out weight distribution on the cab mount.....Hmmm... Let me know what you think!
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