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Ok my truck is a 97 with the 98 up front end that I converted too last yr, and its been sweet since

So I bought a set of halogen style projector headlights, which I finally just got around to installing along with some 10000k HID's, so I hooked everything up the way it should be and when I turned the lights on the hid's were flickering back and forth

Now I did rewire lastnight just the wiring for the headlights with 14ga wire and I know I wired and soldered everything up right bc the stock halogen lights work in sink like they are spose too, now I was trying to test them with the truck off but they should still work, bc I can turn my HID's on with my civic off and they work normally just a bit more dim

Does it sound like my problem is bc the truck was just off or what? im not to sure, im gonna try again 2moro with the relayharness I bought with them but Im confused with two of the wires which is a white wire and a black wire with just leads on them, like where do they hook up too??
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