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I have a 1998 S10, and here recently, if my audio is turned up too much, it kicks off and reboots. It's an aftermarket head unit. I do have a sound system installed (Subs and amp), but I never had an issue until I installed some new door speakers. I read that they could possibly be shorting my stereo, so I unplugged them and ran a test and it still dies off. I'm assuming it's the ground, and was wondering if anyone has any ideas or has done something in the past to reground it elsewhere. Any ideas where I could reground it, that's at least semi easy and not completely annoying. I know I know, it's an S10, there's going to be a lot of annoyances with it, lol.:D

Also to mention, I did replace the original harness that attaches to the head unit and then to the truck, since the old had some wear and tear on it. It was a new piece and not one from a scrap yard.

Maybe cutting off the trucks harness and reattaching a new piece would suffice?
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