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Found coolant in the oil...

decided to change the Lower Intake Manifold Gasket...
and while at it to change the head gaskets also...

here is what i found... :cuss: :censor:

after pulling the heads off, i noticed the color of the valves weren't the same...

you can all so see in this picture how blocked some of the ports were...

any ideas what might have caused the non-similar conditions?? Is there anything that i should do while i have this all apart?

i plan on changing the waterpump and T-stat while it's all apart, and did the plugs/wires/cap/rotor about 20,000km ago..

any help would be appreciated

also i wrecked my EGR tube in the dissassembling process...

does anyone know of an aftermarket version... all my searches have turned up negative, and the stealership wants just under $300

i've gone to the local scrap yard and haven't been able to remove one successfully... any tips/tricks?


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IMO, the color of the valves is related to the varying amounts of fuel sprayed per cylinder, the amount of air each cylinder recieves due to intake design and the effieciency of the ignition components in each individual cylinder.

Personally, if I had the funds and this engine had a slight miss I would replace the fuel spider..otherwise I (me) would'nt worry about it.

As far as the tube... I'm sure I have an extra in the shop. PM me if you still need one and we'll see what we can do.

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intake gasket failed

pretty common failure on the 4.3 and the v-8

with the 2.2l and 2.5 engines its head gasket failure

and on the 3.1 and 3.4 engines its combination head and intake gasket failures both

junkyard or dealer or someone parting out one is gonna be how to located a tube

or you could try to make one from flexible brass natural gas line that you use to connect to stoves etc

braze the ends fittings on
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