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Cross posted from Sale area... if it ok....

Well, turns out I need to put my 2003 Chevy S10 for sale. Had a good job and financed it on wife's credit. Now job fell through and I can't make payments. Wife and I are expecting a baby in summer now, so the truck must go.

Will any of you guys or gals be interested in my S10?

2003 Chevy S10 fleetside Xcab... rear seat and window style.
4 cylinder, 5 speed, black grey interior, all stock, with 1700 dollars in mods for my work. Including a gold colored Leer 1400 dollar cap, a grey bedrug liner in bed.

Truck has 10,000 on it and is meticulously clean.

Take over payments or I can have a write off amount for you.
Financed through a credit union here. So if you wanna do payments, let's get it done right. I won't hand over the truck on a promise.

IM me on ICQ at 44154605, Kimono_skunk on Yahoo messenger, or KimSkunk2003 on AIM. send message with S10 in it so I know who it is from, k?

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