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91 2.5 5 speed 2wd no ps, pw, delay.

I had wires by the firewall that rubbed through and caused the truck to shut off yesterday morning.

It was causing the fuel pump to not come on and I thought I was dealing with a fuse or simply a dead pump. Cars flying by at 70+ less a foot from my door in a curve with me dang near up against the guardrail I did not want to play around to much.

Towed it back to the house and after messing with the pump relay finding I had no power I found I burned a fuseable link.

Easily fixed and moved the part of the harness that was rubbing away from the firewall and installed a new fuseable link.

No start. The thing cranks like a beast. I have fuel injecting during cranking(via video) and the spark plugs are firing. But no start. Not even running rough not starting at all.

Which has me confused. I was running great nothing that would sudgest a timing issue and I have spark.

I do get a nice puff out the throttlebody during cranking like I have a valve open during cranking. But I dont hear anyhing rattling around during cranking like a timing chain is broke behind the cover.

Ran the codes and all I get is 12.

The thing was running great and I hit a bump and it grounded the harness burning that fuseable link and killing the truck. Could that have knocked something loose or burned something inside the distributior or arrg messed with the ecm.
I did not hear anything mechanical and pulled over in a controlled manner(manual steering). I was in 5th gear 70mph driving safe because I had a roll bar in the back.

I have fuel, air, spark. Why no boom? Maybe I sheared the camshaft/gear. But like I said it was running great then just died like I turned the key off.

I checked the connections to the ignition module and they seem fine. Cap, rotor, plugs all look good. Throttle closed, throttle open no diffrence.

I dont see any burnt wires around any of the throttlebody sensors or the distributior.

My ignition module does have a crack in the plastic connection. But it has never been an issue and I have spark.

Battery has full voltage still cranking this engine over easily after 15+ attempts. I thought i flooded it so I pulled the plugs cleaned them up and put a screwdriver down the throttlebody so the throttle blade was open and let it dry out for a hour. Tried to start again and got a nice backfire then once again no start.

Think I am risking washing down the cylinders with gas at this point so I am letting it dry out longer this time.

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