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Has anyone ever had a front half shaft go bad on a 4x4? The truck makes a sharp pop on the driver's side whenever you go to level the vehicle on a stop or hit a bump midway through a sharp turn and I need to know if a bad half shaft could cause this even though the transfer case is in 2Hi

The worst ball joint has .004" play(lower passenger side)
Just replaced the idler arm 5000 miles ago
Hood hinges are tight
Minimal play out of the rest of the steering links/linkage
Hub spins freely with minimal bearing play
Steering box is tight
No signs of play in control arm bushings
Sway bar end links in one piece

the half shaft makes a really quiet tink whenever it is rocked forward but it doesn't sound loud enough to make the pop im hearing and the boots are not torn

Is there any other problems that could cause a sharp pop?
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