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What Do you Think???

  • Sic Truck.

    Votes: 23 60.5%
  • Could use a BodyDrop.

    Votes: 1 2.6%
  • Not Bad.

    Votes: 5 13.2%
  • I would give my left Nut for that truck.

    Votes: 6 15.8%
  • It sucks.

    Votes: 3 7.9%
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94 S10 Ex Cab 2.2 Ltr
Runs Good for a 4cyl. Manual

Body Mods: All Shaved Up.
Doors, Tailgate, Squriters, Fron-End, Roof Lines, 3rd brake Light, Roolpan, Tailgate handle, etc....

Custom Front-end

Suspension: 1/2 Ported Bags, 1/2 SMC Valves, Reverse 4-Link, 2 Scuba Tanks for Compressed air and 3 compressors under the bed....just incase.

Wheels: 18" Limited

Intereior: Grey and dash is painted to match outside paint.

Paint: Cyber Green (2000 VW Bettle Green)

I have pictures for people interested.


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I have yaken alot of trophies with this baby....

1st & 2nd in Wild
1st, 2nd & 3rd Places in Mild
2nd place in best display

And our Club has several trophies for the most members at a car show.

amatuer porn star
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check out the 2nd pic..thats my clubs bannerin the background.

sick looking truck ive seen it in the mags before i pretty sure.
what year reso pics are those.

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My S10 For SALE!!!

Well First....Ive got the M3 mirrors for it (not painted) for anybody who wants to buy the truck...No use spending more $$$$$ when i am trying to sell it.

As for the Tires/Wheels and Fender modifactions:
18" Crome Wheels with 225/35/18 tires
The Fenders have been rolled to match the frontend along with trimed so the tires wont rub when I lay. The truck nolonger has wheel wells either.

I do Know for a fact that you can bag your ride with 18" & 35 Series tires without pulling the wheel wells but I did it so I could Body Drop it.

Just loosin up the wheel wells, Air out the truck....the tires will push the fender up and back about 1/2 inch. Which is more than you think.....It can then lay and keep the wheel wells.

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