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Grandpa truck

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Hey everybody, pretty new to this forum but I used to frequent other enthusiast forums back in the days before facebook took all their members. Super excited to see how active it still is here.

Anyways, got this 95 2.2 2wd 5spd truck and I just love it. Always wanted a decent s10. Used to have a lowered ranger and was always a little jealous of you guys. Trying to keep it in the vein of old man/ grandpa/ farm truck esthetic but lowered (hopefully much lower in the future)

Just got this camper shell for it but I'd love some other ideas for what I can do (cheaply) to make it a little nicer and closer to the theme. Eventually I want smaller tires, more drop, rust repair and paint. Thanks for all the solid technical info you guys have posted over the years.

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