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yudruln said:
well I mad a deal with a local kid here that im good friends with(went ot HS) I traded him my new(but won;t fit myX)
16x8 american racing nitros for a...................
new ROCKFORD FOSGATE 5002. which is 250wrmsX2 @2ohms.

also peak 500X2.I think at 4ohms. amp was 499 got the warranty for it. Im going to be getting it hooked up this week maybe today.

I will be running my kickerzr240 to my doors and now my new RF to my two 12" RF DVC. Im changing my wiring from battery to distrobution block to 1aut wire(spelling) very thick wire.

In the future I will be getting another digital stinger dtiffing cap.

I can't wait to hear what this is going to sound like>>

I will post some more pics soon
well there goes your hearing.....better invest in the miracle ear 2000:D
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