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Hey i just bought some leds to put in my tailights...o.k well first when i put them in when I turned the parking lights on they woul blow the fuse. O.k this i remembered polarity so i turned them around...now they wont't come on when i hit the brake light and stay bright when the parking lights are on...sooo what the fu*k is the deal...anybody run into this...if you have please let me know what you did yo correct the problem

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ok, i know nothing about electronics, i just remember a minitruckin article where they put the lights in and the last thing they did was install an electronic flasher, rather than the stock flasher, because i guess they wont work right....i have no clue if this has anything to do with your problem, but who knows

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HELLO , i run with led bulb in my rear taillight
and i dont have fuse problem
just the led bulb dont have the correct connection on contact parts
the taillight is swiched with the brake light
i just switch the wire and ad one electronic flasher
and work great
one another thing
i modify the shape of the led bulb
because the bulb is comming from the lateral side
the light dont comming on the back with the led bulb
see my pictures
and sorry for my odd english
from the land of the good beer belgium europe


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