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GM S10 "HIGHLANDER" 4x4 CONCEPT now F/S on ebay

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Well here's something we don't see every day… trolling for parts on eBay and came across this 94 S10 Highlander concept:

I guess GM put it up for sale finally.:woah: No title though because it was never a production vehicle. Figured it's worth a look to you all.

Man that front clip would look awesome on our trucks.

eBay Link to this sale.

Anyone got an extra $17,000 lying around?

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I think it's pretty fugly myself.
It isn't the best concept but it is pretty awesome for a 1993 concept of a 94 truck......look at all the subtle things.

Camaro seat swap; the rest of the interior looks to be inspired by the 93 sunbird, some camaro and cavalier parts.
Perforated leather on the shifter wasn't seen again until the 2000 Jimmy diamond edition; Pontiac may have used it in 98+ grand prix.
The rear door looks kinda cool; GM didn't even make an opening rear door until 97 or 98.
The toolbox on the side is great; Dodge and Toyota just recently started doing that to their newer trucks.
The 4wd rotary style selector has recently been adapted by Jeep
I really like the grille and the taillights, the push bar looks like another diamond edition prototype.
The flares and cladding are indicators of the zr2 trim.
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