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Ok. I am new to trucking. Just go my s10 in october of 01'. Its an 89 in real good condition and a really nice 350. Right now I'm in the process of saving and picking out new rims/tires. After that I am aiming to get some suspension work done. I was origionally thinking about just getting its dropped with spindles, and all that crap. But then I got to thinking how cool it would be to have something out of the ordinary (well at least as far as my town goes). I have so many questions about airbag suspension I figured it would be easier to just start listing some of the ones that were on the top of my head and hoping you guys could help anwser some of them.
So here are the ones I can think of now:

#1- Will airbags hold up to the torque of a 350?

#2- I assume the products are not generation specific?

#3- How low can airbags allow a truck to go? I am looking for someting that allows me to drop my truck at least 6" in the back and 3" in the front.

#4(this is the one you will shoot me for)- Airbag suspension is adjustable correct? I want some kind of setup that allows me to lower my truck as much as possible for when I'm just cruising but also be able to raise the suspension some for racing. Meaning I don't want to take off only to find out I'm slamming my rear into the ground from the weight shift to the backe.nd

#5- What are all the parts needed to make a complete setup(bags, vavles, compressors, switches, ect.)

#6- Any roug estimates of total pricing assuming I can install mywelf with some help from friends?

#7- Any sites or further information on the net?

Thanks in advance.

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Your probably looking at $1500 to $2000 to bag a truck with all the good(correct) parts.


there are some vids that will help you out with what air bags can do and how low you can go with them...

that truck has a compressor and 6 gallon tank and only has 3 airbags..

As far as holding up to the 350...sure..they put them on full size trucks...And I am planning on doing my V8 truck in the near future...

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Hey thanks man. Could you let me in on what setup your going to get, the specs, price, ect. I think your one of the closest on this board as far as truck, enigine and stuff goes.

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you cna bag anything pretty much it all depends on what you want done.
bags can hold up a 350 but as far as a setup that could be used for racing im not to sure.
bags can let you go all the way till your frame is on the gorund if you like and they can lift you up about 12" also if you use the correct setup.

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Bags are fine on high horsepower cars. The bag isn't affected by power. The axle locating device ( four link, ladder bars, etc. ) is what handles the power. Here is a link to a bagged street rod I built for my dad last year.
With the blower motor in it, it would pull the front wheels.

If you want to discuss bag prices, and options, drop me an email at [email protected]

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