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Im ready saving up for nos as we speak, im thinking of a 175 shot or so..but i need to know what systems you guys recomend and what other mod's do i need before i get nos? thanx


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If you are planning a 175 shot, you had better do some serious internal engne work. 125 is the maximum you should put on a stock engine. Any higher your gonna get expensive w/ stuff like forged pistons and a crank. Don't blow your truck up.

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i ran the nitrous work set up
polish ported heads and intake
3 angle valve job1.6 roller rockers
jba headers
slp y pipe
low temp thermo
slp cold air intake
flowmaster muffer
hypertech pullies
hypertech programmer
electric fan
digital 6 plus ignition
crane cam
B&m shift kit
tb mod
tb spacer

that motor is gone ill be building up a new motor 9.5 compression 5 angle valve job, comp cam and comp roller rockers and the yank 3200 stall
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