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I guess it is time i start a build thread. Been on the site over 2.5 years and the truck has been wrecked, torn down built and repeated (not the wrecked part:eek:). So the First slew of post will be the history of the truck then we will go from there.
It started as a bone stock 2001 GMC Jimmy 4x4 SLE just under 60k the month my son was born 7 years ago i have 160k on her now!

(not my image but she looked the exact same if not better)
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good start
This is where things started to evolve in a bad way. I hit a 8 point buck at 75 spun the truck 180 degrees and threw me in a ditch. It needed both inner fenders, ds outer, radiator core support, grill was ok as were the lights. The hood was trashed as well. the bumper was gone but i got a plan for that:D. at this point the wife (it was her truck at this point) said "Your wrecked it, it is yours now. DO AS YOU WISH:evilg:" Well stock went out the window!

here you can see what i could keep and also how bad the drivers frame rail was. it was raise over 2".

Well I got the hood and everything was $100 Including a factory hitch from my pull a part.Yes that is the hood and EVERYTHING in a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant V6 Twin Turbo i did not want to leave the hood there since it matched.

The Donor truck Came in with a bad motor

I think we found the cause. truck had 45k on it. I ultimately gave them 400 for the truck, and parted it out for mine and a friends. (Salvage Title)
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Wwhy the eye roll
keep the story going, since in the end you ended up with a similar build to mine. interested how you got there.
Wwhy the eye roll
Yeah I'm curious too.

I assume he means the stupidity of a 45k truck in a yard because of someone not noticing a leaking intake mani though.

Looks good! Keep the story going!
Now that we have wrecked it lest rebuild her. We have the technology. But do I have the Wallet?
Look what fell off the back of a truck :D

Well let unwrap my present.

Everything for a 6" SuperLift Rebuild the front plus maintaance for the truck new fluids.
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Drane Bamaged said:
2003 Mitsubishi Galant V6 Twin Turbo
:phil: sorry, my bullsh!t meter just bounced off the damn peg... Thats how I know not to follow the thread..BS is sure to follow
So here is the truck with the new bumper and the 2" BL.

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^Amazing how that jimmy cladding changes the demeanor of the truck. I actually sometimes wish I had a Jimmy.

:phil: sorry, my bullsh!t meter just bounced off the damn peg... Thats how I know not to follow the thread..BS is sure to follow
Sorry i was dead on my feet i ment to say Turbo not twin im sorry my bad we all make mistakes it was not ment to be a bs statment.
ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

damn....Its still going off, you've lost all credibility ....
What the hell is your problem 1fast4by.

Number one: Why does it matter if it is or not?

Number two: A twin turbo Galant actually exists Its called the Galant VR-4, which contains a 2.5 Liter V6 Twin Turbo. They were not sold domestically but its possible he found one in a junkyard....they just look like ricey Galants. No one would think much of it...

I don't mean to disrespect, but come on man.
What the hell been on here first mistake I made I bought the car off a guy who built it how does one mistake cost me all my creidability
What brand are those step bars and did they work with the 33s? And lol at the troll. Shit could have 6 turbos im here to see a jimmy build thread not details of some rice.
Well thank you guys they are Westin yes the clear but it is close When i do the SFA im adjusting the wheelbase to clear 35's
I like that front bumper.
You buy the bumper or make it?
dont worry about that dude.. he just likes to show up and talk shit. Hasnt positively contributed in...well..... i dont really know.

I like that front bumper as well. Looks really good on there :tup:
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