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General Northeast Talk--NO WHORING

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as title says, go nuts. Alot of other regions got em, have fun
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Hey guys, I been on here a while, I'll post some pics soon of my newly aquired s10 blazer 4dr check my username for post of my old trucks! but I was wondering where all the ct guys are and if anyone ever meets up? I'm down in faifield. where's all you ct guys from?
this is a couple weeks off but im in stafford ct and there seems to never be anything going on around here. wish there was tho. all we ever had was magnetic mini's on the berlin turn pike and not only was it weak but it was mostly rice that got rained out every yr. sadly that shows nonexistant now boo hoo
I'm looking for all Maine members is there a easy way search here to do so?
Post looking for maine members in this
Bump... Any CT members in this? Even for general meets not just s10
Hey guys meet and greet july 14 in north branford CT.
Hey guys meet and greet july 14 in north branford CT.
Everything always goes down far away from Indiana:(
Going to Carlise on Sat look us up Black xtreme and maroon GMC will be under White tents stop by.
Look for the one in my sig
81 - 89 of 89 Posts
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