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Gearing Calculator | RPM and Tire Diameter to km/h - mph with Shift Tracer
Here is a gearing calculator to help figure out what ring & pinion gear you want to run with your LS swap. If someone has the gear ratios for the manual GM transmissions please post. At the bottom of the page of the Gearing Calculator will help you figure out your tire diameter. easy and simple.

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You can also upgrade your input carrier planetary with a 6 gear Sonnax 77284-K . It changes your first and second gear ratio. First gear from 3.06 to 2.88 and second gear from 1.63. to 1.55 help keeping your engine within its power band. This is a deep pocket item not cheap. 2.84 Ratio Input Carrier Kit - 77284-K

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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