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I'm not complaining' but.. we need more female figs up in dis bisch... ya know i've told several of my friends.. who happen to be chicks.... which all 3 of them drive S-10's - to come and check out this site.. and maybe post up a couple times.. become a member... but i'm getting nowhere.. i've begged and begged.. still i think they need the exposure :evilg: if ya know what i mean.. Give credit where it's due..

By the way I own a 95' S10 LS - I'm working my way from the inside - out... I don't know which is smarter.. but i figure audio comes first, since i need to be heard.. Yeah, I'm planning some wicked trends over this long winter - Probably Lowering 4'' front & back - Bags.. i heard CoolRide is pretty n!ce (RidePro) - Maybe slap on a set of 18's - Race her evil heart out all spring long.. after the snow melts.. so and another thing.. im seeking suggestions.. as we speak .. thanks for all the ideas guys... i've been runnin in2 places all over the net tryin to harness my S10 chi... So far i feel right at home here.. Deuce out - tRaCk

Pics up soon..Asap

Btw.. would these Elite Barbs look nice or what?..


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