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I have a similar set up.85' S10 2.8L V6 Ext.cab.
I believe the S10 came std with a 13 gallon tank,mine came with the optional 20 gallon tank.To find out what options are on yours look in the bottom of the glove box.GM affixed a decal there listing all of the options equiped on your truck.As for mileage,currently mine has developed the oil leak from hell with one of the valve covers going bad.Before that I was averaging 21 MPG..(pretty close to 50/50 city/highway driving).I would normally fill up every 360-370 miles topping my tank off at 17.5 to 18.2 gallons.

I'm the original owner of my S10 which just passed 400,000 miles.
I overhauled the engine at nearly 200,000 due to a severe overheating....and the 4 speed auto with overdrive has been rebuilt 3 times,the first time paid for by me,the other 2 times covered by AAMCO's lifetime warranty...no charge.

Hope the info is helpful, Dag
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