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Does anyone know the GM fuel pump number for a 96 Jimmy? I plan to buy one from http://store.getgmparts.com/fuel-pumps.html

My Jimmy has been harder and harder to start. it was due for a tune up. Cap, rotor, plugs and coil were all replaced. Sure enough, the NGK plugs were badly worn. They had 50,000+ miles on them. installed new NGKS V-power plugs. It starts better. We checked fuel pressure at idle, it bounces between 48 and 50 PSI. Above idle, 50 PSI is steady. Fortunalty, my Jimmy does not have poppets anymore. If I remember correctly, fuel pressure is supposed to be above 55 PSI. It's time to replace it. 188235+ miles is a lot for a stock pump.

i saw what you did there!
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there were several different

there is a three digit letter code on a sticker on the module unit on top of it

may need that instead

call dealer parts counter they can get you the numbers it should be

also sometimes it matters if 2 door or 4 door, such as with the 95 tahoe

came across this problem with the one out here we are working on

4 door is newer style module assembly and the 2 door are old style hanger not a module

auto zone and such dont even know the difference and will get you the older style pump

96 was an oddball year too

they did some real screwy stuff these years with fuel pump and tanks etc.
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