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I posted this in the 262ci forum in my haste and stupidness earlier when it probably should have been put in here...

The fuel filter on my 96 is practically welded on by rust. Sprayed it down numerous times with PB Blaster and all that and it won't break free. The line fitting on the end was slightly stripped when I started, and even when using the proper size of hose wrench, its still getting more stripped and not coming free. Hence the Subject line... replacing the fuel line. I think its probably best to replace the line that runs into it from the fuel tank since the end is getting stripped and might not be removable.

Thoughts? Experiences? Its a 96 extended cab 4x4. How hard is it to purchase new line, bend it, run it, and install it on the tank? Does it require dropping the tank? That, if anything, is something I'd like to avoid for sure.

Any information is more than welcome, here! I'm at 125,000 miles and on the OE filter and would like to get it
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