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Truck cut out on me a few days ago. Fuel pump whined like a mouse. So, I checked all the relays and fuses.
I replaced the fuel filter a few weeks ago along with the plugs before I smogged.
I just replaced the pump, but no whine now. I don't know what the problem is?
Security light is off, cranking fine, fuses ok
I'm getting only 5 volts to the purple wire (I think that's the power) to the pump when I switch the ignition on....
I don't know what else it can be.

Please help!!

i saw what you did there!
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FP wire is the gray one

jump orange to gray at the oil switch or at the relay socket under the hood

then see if it starts up

pruple is fuel level sender wire

orange at sockets is hot all the time

no key needed

if pump wont run with wires jumped at either socket then you have bad pump or bad ground to pump or bad wire along frame rail to the tank

replace wire then

ive run across bad frame pump wire quite a few times now

and had to run a new one totally

it happens...

just happened on an 88 i bought for 75 bucks, reason so cheap is because the FP wire was dead somewhere between the front and the tank, owner put in new pump even though it didnt need one and gave up on it then,.

i fixed it in about 20 minutes

whole new wire from relay to tank

fired right up then
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