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22" Mirror alloy black chrome "universal" rims.

I know for sure that 5x115 is one pattern that willl fit. I sold my s10, your welcome to bolt one on before you buy to be sure it fits but im pretty sure 5x4.75 is common enough to be one of the patterns on the rim.

These wheels are in pretty decent shape; they are not brand new. The wheels do not have any stress cracks bends or dents and ride well, but each wheel does have some small scruff marks, curbing and some of them have surface marks that might respond to a good cleaning or repair.
center caps included
Tires are nexen rodan hp and 1 triange. All 265/35r22 All tires have plenty of tread left but one does have some sidewall damage. It has a slow leak, and can be used as is but a patch or slime would prevent it from getting worse. took 2 months of sitting around after they were removed from the car to lose enough air to notice the leak.

The back of the wheels have the following markings:
07 08 cu 16
Max Load 2200 lbx
SAE J2530
MIR 934
60 PSI
979 22X9 1/2 JJ

$550 local pickup only in medford NY (long island) 11763


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