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FS for sale set of 4 newer style ZQ8 excellent condition newer tires!!!

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I have a set of newer style ZQ8 whells and tires

they are off my 03 dime

tires less than 5k on them

come with chrome center caps lugs and caps

not sure what thgey are going for

I am in Dayton Ohio 45424

Send me your offers

[email protected]

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Condition is everything.............especially with this particular wheel. If they don't have any curb rash (or very minimal curb rash); and are otherwise real clean......no more then a real tiny nick here or there.......figure on $300-$400 with tires. You never get your money out of used tires. Most of the time you won't even get half the cost out of them even if they are decent. Plus, the way most wider tires wear out the centers 5,000 miles is quite a bit.........and they're more then likely already down to 70-75% tread left (7/32nd). Hope this helps.
If the wheels are in great shape and the tires only have 5k miles on them theyre worth more than $300-$400. What size are the tires?
the tires are 245/50/16 wheels have no rash and no peeling on them I wont say perfect cause well you know someone will find something if you ask them too but very very nice. I knew they were worth more than 300 or 400 seen them on here for lots more on my local craigs list for more and well Flea bay if I wanna ship them go for alot seen them go for 6 7 hundred with new tires no hury to sell going to put the drag lite on and put them in the garage for rainy days.....lol
i got 450 out of mine with 2 new tires and the wheels weren't in very good shape at all.
Hello. Are these still for sale? Located in Columbus Ohio. Let's make a deal.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts