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From 5.7 VTEC down to 4.3 VTEC!

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97 Silverado 5.7 blown , installed 4.3 out of 96 Astro. I'm a couple hours from cranking it. Will the V8 computer run the V6?
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Pretty sure the 97 trucks all used the 16229684 PCM. You'll just need to have it reprogrammed by your local Chevy dealer as a 4.3 C/K truck. The physical computer box is the same. You just need the correct program.
First you'll need to check the wiring diagrams for a 1997 C/K computer to see what pinout the injectors use. When going from a 4.3 to 5.7 I had to rearrange the location at the computer for 5 of the 6 and add 2. You'll likely need to do the same and remove 2.
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