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I think the wheels are second gen?? Plain grey steel. Tires may or may not be serviceable, but assume not. Full set of four. Never used them myself, but they look fine.

My '87 S15 had a dealership added AC in it. It wasn't working when I got it, I pulled it and installed a factory setup. So what's in the pictures is what you get, compressor (sanden style) with pulleys and brackets for 2.8L. Condenser with dryer attached. Heater only box converted to contain the included Evaporator. Hoses included also. I may be able to find the add on pulley for the crank that rand the v-belt for the compressor; (but don't count on it. This setup was for an S-belt engine. It added a small v-belt to run the ac. Most of this stuff is pretty rough, but I figured I'd offer it here in case someone wanted it before it got tossed.

All free, not worth shipping. P/U in Redding California.


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