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I finally sold my 94 S-10 after owning it for ~19 years... I gave the new owner a lot of the leftover mods and OEM parts, but still have the subwoofer box. It fit behind the seat of my 94 single cab with the seat all the way back (I'm 6'4"). I only carpeted the front and sides and routed the back of the box for the wires to give myself as much room as possible. Obviously this requires removing the jack mount from the passenger side (or I guess you could cut it down for 1x 10" and leave the jack where it is). The subs mount flush, so they're safe from the back of the seats.




Anyway, it's free... pick up in Northern VA. Drop me a PM if you want it.

BTW, I was a longtime active forum member years ago (DogP: DogP ), but the account is locked and linked to an email address I don't have anymore, so I had to create a new one.

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