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I was looking for some component speakers for my S-10. After spending a few hours doing the Google search thing, I decided to go with Rockford Fosgates. They had the frequency response that I wanted and they have a good reputation.
Now I knew the brand and model I wanted, so back to Google I went with the model # to compare prices. Crutchfield wanted $249 + $12 S&H. Yeah right. (Ok, they're supposed to have good customer service, but I would really hope that nothing would go wrong and that I would end up needing their over-priced customer service)!
http://www.etronics.com kicked everyone elses butt price-wise. They only wanted $139 + $14 S&H.
But then I stumbled upon http://www.thezeb.com well they wanted $249, too. But at the top of their home page there is a link that says 'best price or it's free'. What the hell, I emailed them the link to the etronics page that had the speakers I wanted and asked them to beat their price.
The next day the zeb emailed back with a price of $139 but with free shipping! They accept debit cards, give you a ups tracking # and include free insurance. Can you guess which company I bought from?
I ordered late Sunday night and got my speakers on Wednesday. (They are in NC and I am in FL) I've already installed them and they sound great! (If you're wondering, the model # is FNX2614U)
They only deal in auto/truck audio - they don't carry every brand (oddly, their infinity link is a dead link), but they sure carry a ton.
I'm so thrilled with them, (the speakers and the zeb), I bought another set for my wife's brand-spankin new 2003 S-10. (guess what I'll be doing Saturday morning?)
Remember: Etronics FIRST and then THEZEB to beat their price. If they carry the brand you want, how can you go wrong?????
Had to pass this on ~too good to keep to myself~
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