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If you choose to represent Addictive Desires in your Sig Image below anything you type, there are a few different options you can choose from or one of your own..

1. Just the text ADDICTIVE DESIRES or www.addictivedesires.com (domain is not active yet)

2. An image such as mine below, that has the WOMAN background with YOUR truck superimposed onto the image and blended for the ghostly/fade look with "Addictive Desires Mini Trucks" as the text

3. Same as above with www.addictivedesires.com as the text.

4. The Addictive Desires font with a transparent background in any color/design so it blends with the forum background

5. You can make your own and submit it to Scrapin S15 and Myself for approval.
The above is for IF you want to represent the club in your signature, you DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS

If you chose to have options 1-4, contact me via AIM (JCHARGU3) or send me a PM on the forum, just make sure i have a good Front shot or angled front shot of your truck, a good rear shot, or a good side shot.

FOR THE LADIES that may want to join the club, i will make you a banner that has a man modeling in the background, and your truck picture superimposed with your choice of the Addictive Desires Text.

These banners will also be linked into your MEMBER PAGE on the website once it is up and running.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns please post in this thread.

Thank You,
Addictive Desires
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