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Our current provider is moving their NOC. What does this mean to you? Well it means a few things.

1. You will have a faster connection to this site. I know it is pretty fast as it is but we are getting ourselves off the verio network. This will speed things up drastically.

2. DownTIME! the dreaded word. Why is this gonna happen? Well we have to physically move the server from one location to another that is an hour away. So there is going to be some down time.

When this will happen: SATURDAY 1-19-02 at 6pm EST

It can take as long as 5 hours since they the move encompases more than just my server. Half of the NOC is moving on the first pass. That is scheduled to include this server.

What this will affect is access to this website.

The forum will go offline at 5:50 EST and should be back up by 11pm EST That night.

We are not gone we are going to be back and faster than ever.
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