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I am sick and tired of hearing a lil alternator noise and hissing sounds due to (im guessing) my fricken fm mod. I Have a ps2 and everything hooked up and its super sweet except the interferance im getting. I am a perfectionist and im to the point where im considering selling my cd player and fm mod and getting a good cd player that has the inputs for everything. Right now I have a RF Headunit with two sets of preamps and an equalizer, i also have an amp for my highs and one for my subs running through the equalizer, and the fm mod in the usual location. Im suspecting that the cheap equalizer may be hurting me some also, but even when i have the defeatable button on i still hear it so i may be wrong. Heres where i need help, anyone have any suggestions on how i may fix this problem with my current setup? I tried relocating my fm mod ground already with no luck. Im getting pretty good with all this stuff, but im still a lil new on a few things. If I cant fix this setup, i'll be looking into a new headunit soon. If i do.....ill need to know what i'll need to look for in a headunit that would allow me to hook up a 4 chan amp for my highs, an amp to my subs, an equalizer. Im guessing any with three sets of preamps and an rca input or auxilery input. Am I wrong? Any help is much appreciated.

Also, do you think it could be the brand of fm modulator i got. I got a cheap looking one off ebay....heres the pics and specs:

Brand New 2003 Model
Add stereo sound, that will play through you car stereo system.
Super easy installation
New 2003 compact size (Smallest on the market)
Built-in Automatic Aerial Antenna Cut-Off
High reliability from Digital PLL-Synthesized system
Automatic radio-antenna cut-off & connect system
Automatic Frequency adjustment
FM frequency selecting external switch
On/Off Switch Included
Compact size & light weight
Low noise Gold-Coated RCA Jack
You can virtually input any sound into your car speakers through your factory car stereo or aftermarket headunit. CD PLAYER, TAPE PLAYER, MINI-DISC, MP3, XM RADIO, CD CHANGER, VCR, DVD, PS1, PS2, CAMCORDER, DREAMCAST, you name it! The most popular use is for the car/mobile TV. Just plug the FM antenna into the FM modulator and then a plug into your head unit.
1 Year Full Warranty

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Do you guys know if i could just get a good equalizer with one on it? Cause mine is a (dont laugh to hard) legacy right now (came with it when i got it) and im looking to replace it anyways......so it'd be super cool if i could just do that....cause my headunit matches my truck well right now and i want to try to keep it if possible.

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Yeah, some other rf ones do =-P haha and what sucks is that they have one just like mine with everything i need.

Do you guys think this would help me get rid of most of the interferance?

Power Line Noise Filters

The S-15A and S-25A are designed to eliminate noise that comes in through your in-dash receiver's +12 volt power line.

Installation is simple. You have three wires to connect. Two go on the power line and the other goes to ground. Mounting hardware is included.

The S-25A has thicker wires (14 gauge) than the S-15A, so you can use it on outboard amps drawing up to 25 amps.

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those things r just a band aid fix...will just coverr up the rpoblem...chances are the mod has a noisy power or ground...juts rewire those and it should be alset

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I tried already and no matter where i put it the hideous sound of that hiss and alt whine was still there!! AHHHHHHH


Heres a picture of my nice looking cd player that lacks in features =-p Oh yeah...heres my ugly equalizer also.

Here is my latest idea. Do you think if i got this new equalizer I could use it to hook up straight into without that damn fm mod and knock out about 3 birds with one stone? It looks like it'd allow me to keep the cd player i got, get rid of the equalizer i got and add that input (if that is the one i need) and another preamp pair, and solve the problem. Am i correct? Heres some pics and info:


Nine EQ Bands: The Kicker KQ9 equalizer features 8 bands of equalization and a variable frequency (parametric) sub-bass equalizer. There are slide controls for each center frequency:

8 Fixed Center Frequencies: 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, 8 kHz, 16 kHz
Parametric EQ: variable from 40 Hz to 60 Hz
12dB Boost/Cut: At each of the 9 bands, the intensity of the signal can be cut or boosted up to 12dB. The slide controls are marked at -12dB, -6dB, 0, +6dB, and +12dB. The "0" position is marked with a stop.

Crossovers: This unit has an 18dB/octave high-pass crossover at 100 Hz, and an 18dB/octave low-pass crossover with an adjustable cut-off frequency from 60 to 120 Hz. When the crossover switch is in the "On" position, both crossovers are engaged, the high-pass signal is output through the front and rear RCA outputs, and the low-pass signal is output through the subwoofer RCA outputs. When the crossover switch is in the "Off" position, there is no signal from the subwoofer RCA outputs, and the front and rear RCA output signals are full-range.

Subwoofer Level Control: In addition to the variable subwoofer crossover frequency, you can vary the subwoofer output level between -75dB and +6dB. (Minimum position marked as "0" on unit.)

High/Low Level Inputs: The KQ9 has gold-plated stereo RCA low-level inputs. For head units without RCA outputs (including factory stereos), the high-level input can be used with both low- and high-power stereos.

RCA Outputs: There are gold-plated stereo RCA outputs for front, rear, and subwoofer.

EQ/Bypass Switch: You can defeat the equalizer with the push of a button to compare the equalized and non-equalized sound.

Fader: The KQ9 features a rotary fader control to allow you to fade between the front and rear RCA outputs. The "center" position is marked with a stop.

Illumination: An illumination switch on the rear panel allows you to select green or amber for the illumination surrounding the three rotary knobs. When you turn off the subwoofer low-pass crossover, the illumination goes out from the "Sub Xover Freq." and Sub Level knobs. The LEDs on the slides for each frequency band and the parametric EQ are red, regardless of the position of the illumination switch. The red LEDs are not illuminated when the EQ Bypass is on.

Amplification Required: Because the KQ9 only has a preamp-level outputs, one or more separate amplifiers are required. Depending on your wiring configuration and amplifier selection, you can connect one, two, or three external amplifiers.

Installation/Dimensions: The half-DIN KQ9 can be mounted in-dash in compatible vehicles, or with the supplied brackets and hardware, it can be mounted under-dash. The dimensions are as follows:

Width=7.107" (9.454" including under-dash mounting brackets)
Nose Depth=0.859"
Chassis Depth (w/o RCAs)=5.042"
Chassis Depth (with RCAs)=5.552"
Remote Out: In addition to the connections for +12V Power, Ground and Turn-On, the KQ9's power harness also has a "Remote Out" wire to use as a turn-on for a connected amplifier or other component.

Additional Specifications:

Signal to Noise Ratio: 90.5dB (ref 1V RMS)
Channel Separation: -75.0dB
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