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Floor shift conversion wire harness

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Installing a 90s floor shift and console into my 03 ext. a that originally had 60/40. There is no hidden harness to be a direct plug in. I’ve been reading for hours and googling to see what all the wires do in the plug. The question had been asked a few times with answers being guesses that didn’t work or no answer at all.
surely someone know after all these years of this swap being done. I have these colors
pink- ?
dark green and white -
gray- dash lights
light green/ black- interlock How to hook up so it works correctly. Don’t want it clicking every time brakes are hit or
Engaged all The time truck is running
black - ground
Where do the questioned wires need to hook to? where or how does the interlock wire need hooked up to work like oem.
please No guesses. I’ve read them for hours
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Did you look at this page?
The connector your looking for is under the carpet below the BCM.
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