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Ive been a member for a little bit now, thought id share my truck, started the sas project during the winter and was creeping the forums a lot, but anyway heres my 97 jimmy i put 03 superduty axles under (60 high pinion front, sterling 10.5 rear) im on stock superduty leafs, custom made mounts because 1 ton axle perches are wider than any pre made sas kits, nv3500 swapped with wilwood clutch pedal, master, aswell as wilwood brake proportioner to delete abs. Hopefully soon ill be making a hybrid exo cage that ties into the bumpers and sliders i made, currently on 37" maxxis razors, and getting 5.13 gears to put in this week, welded front and rear diffs, hoping to put in hydro assist in soon
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