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First gen stock floored...first timer

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So I bagged this about 4 years ago and have been bearlting the shit out of it since. I finally decided to tear it apart and body it with a v8 swap down the road. Here's what I'm workin with so far. Just bear with me on the updates since I'm workin full time and back in school now. Let me know what you think


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You really need a teenage bitch to grind all that shit down. Neighborhood kid, nephew, son, whatever. They really help move projects along. Hahahah. Shit looks dope son.
Looking sharp. 28" to be safe with new tires and meaty tires. My 2 cents. Will give you a bit of wiggle room with offset also.
Does having the link bars bent do anything weird to it? Looks sharp.
Tube work looks awesome. Silverado is real sharp. What did you end up setting your pinion angle at?
1 - 4 of 290 Posts
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