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Firewall harness

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Has anyone had any luck trying to push the harness through the hole on the passenger side under the heater box? I’m trying to get mine separated so I can thin out the harness for my swap. The rubber grommet around the harness doesn’t seem to want to move. Maybe there’s a trick to get it out?
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should we guess on the vehicle you are working on?
Good point haha. 1986 S10 2wd. It had the 2.8 but I’m working on swapping in a 5.3. Non A/C if that means anything.
They're just gooed in good. Scrape off as much as you can so you can see what you're doing. Won't swear to it, but I seem to remember a couple sheet metal crews holding it in place until the engine side is bolted on.
I don’t remember seeing much goo on passenger side under the heater box where the harness passes through. There was goo on the drivers side at that plug though, but I was able to get it apart. I’m just hoping I can figure out how to push the passenger side through so I can strip the wires out I don’t think I need anymore a little cleaner. I’d rather de-pin the plug than just cut everything at the firewall if I can help it.
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