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FB Marketplace 2002 Ext Cab S10 Xtreme 4.3L Auto 23k Miles Indiana $14200

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Not mine.

Indianapolis, IN FB Marketplace 2002 S10

Provided link mostly because of how clean it appears. I enjoyed the photos.
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I assumed it was a 4.3L, and titled this thread as such, because of the 6k tachometer. Engine bay photos are nice to have regardless of asking price, but even more so for such a princely sum.

Having followed the S-series market quite closely since approximately end of 2018, the thought that pops into my head intermittently is I would have benefited from purchasing 2 – new S-series trucks 2002/2003 and used 1 for nice weather driving only, as possible. They were so cheap with GM employee discounts and GM credit card rewards. I bought my current, primary daily driver S-truck new in 2002 for ~$10200, all expenses included.
Titles usually are not Cliff notes...details are usually in the main body.
My titles may be an overreaction to the abundance of useless titles that provide no clue as to the thread contents.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts