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FB Marketplace - 2001 White Ext Cab 4.3L 26k Miles - $6500

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This is not my listing. Read the stickied rules, but did not see FB Marketplace listings mentioned. Think this is the best place to mention it based on my reading of the rules.


2001, 26k mile, 4.3L, Summit White, 2WD, SLS, automatic, extended cab from Kirkland, Il (NW of Chicago).

I am only providing this link as it may help someone here. Old threads/posts here have been extremely helpful to me while maintaining my own S10, and I am grateful.


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It's unusual...
I think similarly. However, I think $6500 is definitely on the high end for private sale. These are not exactly “collector vehicles”. Regardless, it is out of my price range, and I am strictly focused on regular cab short boxes. Would like to know what the actual selling price is if it sells.
Listing status changed to sold last week. Listed price never changed from $6500 that I noticed. Do not know actual sale price.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts