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As far as shocks go....

Some people hate them, and others, love 'em. I would recommend either BellTech Nitro Actives or Doetsch Slammer shocks if you do decided to go with them. Both are more stiff shocks which will allow for a more smoother ride at low PSI levels.

Here is a post taken from another site by a well respected suspension designer...

"Ok...lets attack one more mini-trucker induced dumbass myth, shall we?

Lesson 1: If you don't have shocks, you don't have a suspension. Period. Anyone that argues that point is an idiot....

Lesson 2: A shock is a damping device. Dampers are fitted to the suspension to damp or "use" the energy stored in the springs as a result of suspension travel. By forcing hydraulic fluid through valved openings, the spring energy is converted to heat and oscillations are avoided.

The reason oscillations happen is because a spring WANTS to return to steady-state...the nature of a spring is that it has "memory"...but as a function of dynamic forces, the spring "overshoots" it's steady state configuration, and then wants to return back, and then overshoots...eventually, these oscillations are mitigated by the energy consumed while the spring is "working", but not rapidly enough to "control" an undamped spring...

The purpose of a shock, therefore, is to absorb these oscillations, and help the wheel maintain contact with the road...we've ALL seen ratty-ass old heaps going down the freeway with the wheels jiggling up and down in the wheelwell and thought "that dudes needs shocks!"....

..yet, you'll come in this forum, and simply because you've cobbled some air springs onto your Mitsawishy Puppy-Pal, you'll somehow conclude that vehicle dynamics no longer apply?


Here's a better analogy for the X-Box, backwards-ball-cap-wearin' peeps in da house....

Let's say you're at the crib, and one of the members of your posse is smacking you in the head, as rapidly as he can, with a ping pong paddle. Notice how your head is wobbling back and forth? That's 'cause there's nothing to damp the force.

Now then, IF you have the presence of mind to put your hands up along side yo' haid...you'll begin to notice that your head is moving FAR less, because your hands are....ready?....damping the force.

Got it?

In summary, then: if you don't run shocks, or think they are unncessary, you are a dumbass, and your ride is ghetto. You KNOW it's ghetto.

And so do we "

by Bill Dermond, aka roadsurfer. former airlift systems designer, now doing the black max suspension kits.
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