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Allright, so I have tried to take pictures of any issues or blemishes that I can think of, and will try to explain them as best as I can. As far as the mods, I have done a 2/2 with DJM spindles and jtr blocks and 4 degree angle plates with the driveline re-alignment kit. I have just replaced the shocks all around with the factory bilsteins and new sway bar links. Also new are the Proforged(or whatever they are called now) upper balljoints and lower tall balljoints, bringing the drop to 2.5/2 over stock zq8. Tires are literally new, 275/45 out back and 245/50 up front. Theres an extang roll up tonneau, corvette cowl hood, and steel roll pan done as far as body mods. It was de-badged when I got it. Like I said, I have the new cab corner and supplies that would go with it to you, and I have the stock hood still in great shape. As far as issues, it needs a filler neck, which I plan on replacing when I return from England in 2 weeks. I did a smog test and dropped the nozzle of the tool down it and while retrieving it, bent a flapper and it is painfully slow to fill the tank now lol but for the 2 times I have had to do it, I have just dealt with it. Other than that, like I said the truck just has a stumbling issue that I have been trying to resolve, which I have narrowed down to either that filler neck causing issues with return venting, the new spider injector not working as it should, or the upstream 02 sensors. I also want to resolve this before the sale. Other than that, mechanically it's sound and everything, including ac work as they should. The paint really could use a good buffing. I'm asking 6k obo, local pickup only. I will be listing on Craigslist, but figured I'd throw it up here too. Message me for more details. Thanks!

As for pics:

Some of the clear is a little messed up on the hood. It was actually painted for another truck lol just matched well enough for me.

Sorry about the gay flames, I was never a fan really

The front bumper is actually from that guy in florida (koberlice3?? sp) with the red stepside xtreme on irocs. I bought it with the intention of repainting it, but just installed it for now. The paint is duller and cracking in places. The plate cover is just off for now, I was replacing the screws holding it on.

I'm sorry it's overcast. It has rained the last 21 of 31 days here. But here are some pics out of the garage

Closeup of the shitty cab corner. Now I took all the cladding off the bed, and found no bubbles at all to my surprise last year and it has not driven thru salt since. This sides skirt was off and the rocker from what I could tell was intact. But I have not taken off the other skirt or front flares yet.

This stupid dent. Happened from a shopping cart, and could probably be repaired without paintwork, just never had it looked at:

This little piece was missing from the rearmost driver skirt:

There are a couple of scratches on the 3rd door from entry:

I would like to keep my little system. It's nothing special anyway but my wife bought it for me.

ignore the oil on the ground, I just spilled some that I changed on another car

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