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I just bought a 2 inch body lift and a 2 inch suspension lift for my 2000 2.2l and want to know if I'm going to need to extend the brake lines? If so how much longer would I need to go?
Seeing how no one has responded, I would say yes. You can free up about an inch up front by unbolting them from the top of the frame and "massage" them down a bit. I did that and fabbed up a little tab to secure them to. This was just a 3" spindle lift. I am not a fan of body lifts, but I would think it doesn't effect you brake lines that much. You can get lines made at any industrial store that deals with hydraulic lines. I would say 3-4" longer. They can flare the one end, and you can use your current male and female ends. If you are adding 4" of lift, what size tires are you going after....After all you have a 2.2L. Hope this helped.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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