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Everything about S-series (specs) NO 56K

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Credit goes to J_SIN for finding this. I figured i might as well share this to anyone who wants this. Mods, please put this in the correct section, its S10/sonoma/blazer related as well as the bagged/body dropped guys might find this useful when building a frame or need measurements.

First, here is the site this was from, they also have specs on other vehicles as well.


And in the event that the site goes down or the URL changes i converted the PDF file as JPEG images which i will keep in my photobucket, feel free to download/share.

These files contain everything from some electrical, to cab profiles, to wheelbase, frame measurements and even body alignment. Suspension alignment, even shows the degree of tilt of the steering wheel/seat as well as how much the clutch/brake/gas pedal were designed to move....yes everything :cool:

There are 75 pages, so yes, 75 pictures. no space in between so they look like one big pic. I did this for those who do not have a .PDF reader on their computer.

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wow, that's unreal. lol hats off to you guys for finding and posting this.
All i did was post it up, J_SIN is the real hero for finding it. But this info is gold since they break every part of the truck down in such detail.
Good find!!! That's some quality detailed info right there.
bump on a good thread. thanks!
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