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[Event] Spring Swap Meet and Car Show Englishtown, NJ 4.16.05

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Event: 23rd Annual Spring Englishtown Swap Meet and Car Show

Date: April 16th

Time: Early as possible

Location: Raceway Park, 230 Pension Rd, Englishtown, NJ

Mapquest Maps: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.ad...=englishtown&state=nj&zipcode=&submit=Get+Map

Directions to the track: http://racewaypark.com/main/directions.htm

If you are lost the day of the meet, give me a call: 732-619-5293

Ok, once again its time for the swap meets and car shows at Englishtown! If you arn't familiar with how this works, Ill give you the run down.

Read this! Important Info..

- I reserve a spot on the track for all of us to park on Saturday. Anyone can park there, it doesnt matter if your truck is 'show quality' or not. DO NOT park in your class where they want you to park, park in the NJ S-Series section. When you get into the track, they will direct you where to pull up and where the registration booth is. Park the truck somewhere, get out and go register your truck. When they ask you what class, or on the 'Class' line on the form, just write NJ S-Series and they will give you a map of the track and also tell you where to park. There are signs designating our sopt as well.
- Follow the signs on Pension rd, they will direct you to what gate the show cars go into.
- Everyone heads in Saturday morning, parks the trucks, walks the vendors looking for deals, whatever.
- You can leave the strip any time you want.
- The cover is $15 to park your truck on the strip, this pays for 2 occupants.
- If you don't want to park on the track, you can park out in the mud then walk 2 miles and pay $8 at the gate for each person, its your choice.

Ok? So its pretty simple. Gates open for the public at 7am but I typically get there around 9am. Afterwards, if we feel like it, well go out for food at one of the local restaraunts.

Here are pictures from the last few years when we have attended. Check them out to see what its like, theres usually quite a large turnout of vehicles.

Fall 2002
Sring 2003
Spring 2004
Fall 2004

Show is RAIN or SHINE so I dont want anyone staying home because of a lil water..

People Attending ~ Updated 4.14.04

AVTekk - Dave
shvdnlaid - Brian
s10r0b - Rob
nolan136 - Joe
CLowN - Volodymyr
2kS10 - Mike
steve07 - Steve
phatfarmer2 - Martin
Red95SS - Rick
s10Steve - Steve
neal2 - Neal
bagged03s10 - Matt
dropped s dime -
Baggd2DaXtreeme - Derek
cbauer210 - Chris
Skullnoma - Krissy
Skullnoma's brother - Jay
Skullnoma's friend - Ken
S10Tuner - Sean

Pre-meet Information!

We are going to be meeting up in a small group before the show, and cruise in together. If anyone hasnt been to Englishtown before, this is good because you can just follow me in and see how it all works. ANYONE can come join up with us early at this location. If you have directions to E-town, then change them to go to here.

Whether you are coming from the North or South, you want to get on Rt 9. Then you want to get off onto Union Hill Rd in Marlboro/Manalapan area. Go east for less than a mile and youll hit a traffic light.

The meet point is the Wawa convenience store on the left.

Here is the address: 345 Union Hill Rd, Manalapan, NJ 07726
Here is a link to the map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.ad...n&state=nj&zipcode=&historyid=&submit=Get+Map
Another map: http://www.wawa.com/storelocator/storeloc-results.asp?StoreNumber=754

Ok? I will be there around 8:00-8:30am, so try to be there earlier or right on time because the gates open at 7am at E-town and it starts to filling up going on 10-11am..Call me if you are running late or lost.
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put me up on that list, *****! ill definitely be there.. not sure if my truck will though.
2kS10 said:
derek PM brian (orangesonoma) about what size tires you need for your 20's you want.
werd. i talked to him about it a couple weeks ago.. illprolly end up getting them from him. not sure if im still going with 20s or 18s again though.
phatfarmer2 said:
i second that... and if possibly can i get two?... i will def pay ya
id hope so! theyre $1
i cant have burgers anymore.. :bawl: but ill bring some turkey burgers and shit no prob. maybe beer too? also, i may or may not have my truck back from the painter for the show. if its not ready yet ill prolly meet you fools before wawa. maybe hitch a ride too.
2kS10 said:
i'm riding solo i think if you need a ride.
werd.. that works.. i guess ill prob leave my burban at daves or wherever you guys are meeting and jump in with you.. joes taking shana i guess.. cool. thanks.. guess i can work on my tan on the way down too. :cool:
2kS10 said:
we're going to get one hell of a tan hanging out of that ragtop.

probubly get some good footage of all the trucks standing out of it too while we drive :haha:
true that.. im pretty sure ill be rollin with you. god only knows when im getting my truck back. they said "its all prepped and getting sprayed thursday", but everyone knows how body shops work. in their language that means "we havent done shit yet cause we dont give a **** about you"
2kS10 said:
its cool. well we'll leave it at if you need a ride i can take you.
werd.. where you guys meeting up at?
2kS10 said:
if i was a betting man, and i'd like to think i am....i'd say dave's shop :haha:
koooo. ill be there regardless.. with or without my s10.
phatfarmer2 said:
i got 1 or 2 tiny propane grills made for camping...

or if someone has a hitch i might be able to borrow a big tow behind propane grill from my work... let me know..
i have a feeling they wouldnt be too happy about us bringing that in.
shit, ill just bring a lil of everything.. ill get some chips and rolls and whatnot. maybe some water too.
2kS10 said:
mmm nice cold beer while i look at everyone's crap for sale :D
:stupid: i can get as ****ed up as i want. i dont gotta drive shit. my truck wont be done till the end of NEXT week now.. :rolleyes: i HATE bodyshops.
AVTekk said:
brian aint going, he works saturdays duh. as for the cooler, steve has one, but till prolly be full of soda like he says.

im pretty sure that alcohol is NOT permitted, so dont bother bringing any. i remember one time they have a 'beer corner' and it was all blocked off and you could only drink within the boundaries.

so ya, leave the beer home, we dont need to be harrassed over there.
cant rock the good ol' brown bag either?
cbauer210 said:
Well I have always brought beer before but it was usualy like a personal stash of like an 18 pack that I kept fairly hidden......that realy sux but I dont want to get us kicked out or anything so I guess I will cross that off the list.....(except for my personal stash of a 40oz or 2, hehehe).....So then what can i bring instead?
porn and tissues.
cbauer210 said:
ohhhh...I didnt realize it was that type of event....then i will also bring the astroglide too
thats the good shit right there. i keep a bottle in my glovebox for when im stuck in traffic.
nolan136 said:
Im in the running for the primer too. Ill give you a run for yo money niccah!!!!
not me, my shits P A I N T E D yo! it wont be at the show though, unfortunately.. but illbe there! in my cool dodge neon.
2kS10 said:
must be nice.

well not the neon, but your truck being painted :D
itll be nice when i get it back. right now it kinda sucks. and its taking forever!
im just gonna go nuts in the store and bring a whole buncha shit. i just went to the bank to empty my "swapmeet savings account" and there was alot more in there than id hoped. ill be a good guy and share the wealth.
btw, whose all meeting up here? im gonna be offended if ANYONE from north nj doesnt! i guess be here between 6:30 and 7:00.
i ilive here:

64 woodmont drive
randolph nj 07869

come one, come all.
looks like only 3 or 4 people are meeting here now, instead of the usual 8+. all you guys suck! the more the merrier. lol.
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