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Envoy Front-End Conversion

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Hi all,

I'm looking for more up-to-date advice on the Envoy front-end swap for my '98 S-10. I already have the front bumper and HID assemblies, just need a grille I believe. I know there's a thread in the how-to section but it's from almost 20 years ago and although the truck itself mechanically hasn't changed in 20 years the thread's pictures have been lost.

I know it should be mostly bolt-on but I've read a couple threads indicating I may need to make some changes to my wiring harness for the HID light setup? The guy I bought the parts from had them on a Sonoma, not a S10, but he said everything should be plug and play.

Does anyone have any guidance on this or what exactly I'll need to change with my S-10's wiring (if anything) or other parts I need for this? I was having difficulty clarifying in previous threads and didn't want to dig them up from the grave.

This may be better suited in the lighting/electrical forum but any advice is appreciated.

P.S. I'm keeping up with my 327 SBC thread as well, I haven't forgotten and appreciate all the comments!
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when I swapped my front to the Envoy I almost put the ballast system in but chose to use LED headlights instead.
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