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Engine swap maybe?

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So this is a weird one. I have a 1982 Chevy s10 2.8l v6 (carburetor). I've had water in my oil since I replaced my water pump. But at the same time I replaced my timing chain cover/ water pump mount (one in the same).
So I thought I had blown head gaskets, so I did a compression test but all cylinders were good (better than before most of them). Well me and a two buddies tore it apart to the heads, the valve covers are in-between the air intake manifold and the heads. Well there was a good 1/16" height gap between the air intake manifold and heads so water was going through the water jackets in the heads straight into the block. I was wondering if I could put a different air intake, heads and valve covers to be more like a small block, valve covers just on the heads, or should I just engine swap to a 4.3?
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Swap to a 4.3 is easy but you will need another transmission since the current Trans would be a 60° and the 4.3 is 90°
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