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Ok guys I have a question me and my cousin are debating about.
We have came up with the list below for customizing my 97 S-10 4.3 V-6 Vortec. For the engine. Should we do the mods or should we just drop in a 383 stroker or LT1/LT4? Also any ideas for performance? or styling? Or should I just do what I have planned. Thankx for any input and info. email is [email protected]

Gibson headers
Custom ported heads
Intake manifold
High flow MAF sensor
High amp alternator
Jet transmission (High Perfor)
JBA ignition wires
K&N Gen II air intake
Hypertech programmer
MSD SCI ignition controller
180 degree Thermostat
Custom exhaust (probably thru the roll pan)

Sway bars

White Face Gauges
Custom Interior
Custom sub box (10")
Custom Audio

S-series Ram Air II hood
Cal-Vu manual to electric conversion mirrors
Replacement Wiper Cowl
Carpet Bed Liner
Eurolens taillights
AeroSport Hard Tonneau Cover
Chrome Billet Grill Bow Tie
ZR1 Roll Pan
Xenon Complete Ground Effects kit
Clear corner lenses

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by the time u did all that u would have spent enough money to by a z and with a 4.3 and all those mods u will still get humped by one, if u gunna do sumthin put a LS1 in it

Resident Mechanic
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u can get a low mileage ls1 with ecu, harness and all the goodies like waterpump and alt. for around 2000-2500 u might want to get a 6speed ifyou have a 5speed cuz the 5speed in a s10 wont hardly hold up to a 4.3 let alone the ass of a ls1 that should be a extra 500
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