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I own a 1997 Chevrolet Blazer. I was unlucky enough to have the trans cooling line pop out of the radiator and spray hot ATF on my engine.

This causes a minor fire and melted alot of connectors and such. I purchased an engine harness from a 96 blazer. I did not change the harness yet because none of the wires were cut, just that the insulation was off.

I temporarly isolated the wires with electrical tape and checked everything. I attempted to start the car but no crank. All the lights are lid on the dash but no crank.

I have a remoter starter alarm installed but the alarm should be disabled since it doesnt go off.

My questions:

Is the wiring harness from a 97 same as the 96 one? I noticed somewhat different A/C plugs, but i might be wrong.

How can i check if the starter is still good and find out if the alarm is interupting the starter circuit.

Thanks for your help.

Clean N' Dark
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Did you have the hood closed when trying to start the truck?

All remote starters have a hood kill switch that will not allow the engine to start via the remote start without the hood being closed.

Might be something to look into.
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