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It's not an S10, but in my defense I did have one a few years ago and it does have the 4.3. I've had the truck for almost 2 years with no complaints. It runs great, good gas mileage, the transmission makes me a little nervous. I put a cold air intake on it and it threw nothing but codes. So much for that. Shortly after I took the cold air intake off it started throwing a random misfire code. With 80K it was a good call to change the plugs and wires. My mileage picked up a bit but I'm still getting the misfire. It seems to occur at start up and smooths out after a few minutes. Every once in a while the code will go out on its own for a few days but it always returns. My mechanic friends say start replacing coils. Before I dropping $40 - $50 a pop, I'd like to eliminate any other possibity.
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