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2000 S-10 Zr2 4.3 V6.
Engine bogs down at highway speeds (60-70 mph) usually when getting on the on ramp. Engine act like it goes into a safe mode, where there is no power (like misfire) then after a few seconds it corrected and then runs OK but at a higher RPM. Other than that truck runs fine around town with no issues. Check engine light comes on, but when driving around town after awhile it goes out. The codes are always about misfire on cylinders.

Things I thin, but not sure: fuel injectors or spider assembly, Fuel pressure regulator, bad catalytic convertor, bad O2 sensors, finally bad 1-2 or 2-3 transmission servo/switches.

Any help in the right direction will help. I am trying to sell this truck, but this is on the only thing I have not figured out.

Things I have replaced:
This year (2020) -Fuel pump, ignition coil & control module
Last year (2019) -fuel filter, intake gaskets, fuel pressure regulator, cap & rotor, plugs and wires
1 - 3 of 3 Posts