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I have tried to search, and found nothing. I start working again tommorrow and this problem just started today. GREAT timing. There has been two big snow falls inthe past couple weeks, and I had no problems. We are getting another big dump tonight and I am rolling in 2WD.

Long story short, I always put my '98 Envoy back into 2WD after driving through deep snowy roads. Today I went to put it in 4HI for some traction and nothing happend. I put the truck in neutral, and tried again, and the 4HI/4LO lights light up for a few seconds and then it remains in 2WD. If I do the same thing, only press 4LO, it will engage. It just won't go into 4HI.

I disconnected the battery for 10 minutes and reconnected it hopeing it was a electrical gremlin but had no luck. What kind of a problem is this? It is really making me miss the good old manual 4x4 shifted on the first gens:rant:

Any quick words of wisdom greatly appreciated. I couldn't find anything with the search featur, searched 4HI and then Electronic transfercase and it came up with no results.
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